techirghiol » the legend

asinus vulgaris techirghiolensis *
aka Techir's donkey,... and the legend started with it

. . . the legend says that once upon a time, a crippled and blind old man (Techir), riding on the back of his donkey, reached by mistake the shore of this lake. The old man strived for hours to get out of that smelly mud, but his stubborn donkey didn't want to move at all, as if a mysterious force was drawing it towards the lake. It was with great wonder and joy that the old man realised, when getting out of the lake, that his eyes could perceive again a beam of light, and his feet that had stopped helping him a long time ago, began to obey him. As for his wise donkey- its bad wounds on the back had healed, and his body was younger than ever.
When they found out about this, lots of people rushed to the shore of the lake, bathing and putting mud all over their bodies so that they'd be cured.
And so many other miracles happen there- crippled people start walking again, aged bodies recover their youth, women regain fertility and those with chest pain restore to health.

* The image represents, more or less, a scientific computer-generated reconstruction of some paleontological vestiges found on the hills surrounding Techirghiol, thus claiming no veridicality.


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